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Alternatives to Opioids in the ED


Hospitals across West Virginia are participating in a 12-month Alternatives to Opioids (ALTOs) in the Emergency Department (ED) project to reduce opioid administrations in the ED that started in January 2020.  Hospitals are working with multi-disciplinary teams to reduce the use of opioids as first line therapy in the emergency department and increase the use of alternatives to opioids.  This effort will use resources that have been developed by St. Joseph’s Medical Center in New Jersey and implemented by hospitals across the state of Colorado with support from the Colorado Hospital Association.  Colorado pilot hospitals reduced opioid administrations by 36% over six months. This project will gather and apply lessons learned from these organizations regarding effective implementation of ALTOs in the ED.

For information about participation please contact Hallie Morgan at hmorgan@wvha.org or 304-353-9714.

Hospital Commitment Letter

More Information for Participating Hospitals
Hallie Morgan
Director, Data Analysis