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Workforce Development

Coordinates activities associated with the recruitment, retention, and pipeline of the hospital workforce. Connects stakeholders, supports innovative programs, and synthesizes data to monitor the workforce and make informed decisions.

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Advice for Hospitals on Recruitment and Retentions
2023 Health Care Workforce Scan Executive Summary
2023 Health Care Workforce Scan
2022 Health Care Talent Scan
Nurse Staffing Think Tank: Priority Topics and Recommendations
Strengthening the Healthcare Workforce: Strategies for Now, Near and Far
Data and Technology to Support the Workforce
Section 3 Building the Team

Rural Workforce
Strategies for Rural Health Leaders' Success in a Post-COVID-19 World

Workforce Data
2022 Health Care Jobs Report
TrendWatch Hospital and Health System Workforce Strategic Planning
Quarterly Market Analysis: Q1 2022

Workplace Violence
AONL & ENA Guiding Principles: Mitigating Violence in the Workplace
Toolkit for Mitigating Violence in the Workplace
Building a Safe Workplace and Community
Creating Safer Workplaces: A guide to mitigating violence in health care settings

Workplace Wellness Resources
AHA Suicide Prevention
Prioritizing and Maxiimizing Well-Being in the Health Care Workforce

Kathryn Pirie
Director, Workforce Development