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WV Healthcare Coalitions

 West Virginia Regional Healthcare Coalitions are strategically focused on the Regional level and are divided into seven distinct regions throughout the state and are led by Regional Coordinators who organize and plan for health emergencies in their respective regions.  They collaborate with Emergency Management agencies, Hospitals, Behavioral Health, Public Health Departments, Primary Care Facilities, Long Term Care Facilities, Emergency Medical Services and other area businesses as appropriate. As a multi agency coordinating body, the West Virginia Healthcare Coalitions assist with mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities related to disaster operations.

Activities involved in the continuation of building these Regional Healthcare Coalitions include; planning, organizing, training and equipping (as funding allows) members and their organizations to respond to a disaster. Day to Day networking and collaboration building efforts allow Healthcare Coalitions to respond to emerging disasters by sharing information for situational awareness, coordinate and share resources and learn from others in the recovery phases of a disaster.

To become a member of a Regional Healthcare Coalition, contact the Regional Coordinator in your area.