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Web EOC is an emergency management and communication system that is replacing Live Process for WV Healthcare Coalitions North and South.  
Disasters happen fast and when they do, WV Coalitions will be prepared with technology that allows for sharing information quickly and efficiently.
Web EOC’s technology can help WV healthcare coalitions prepare and respond to large and small incidents.  
This technology can be used to manage emergencies, large scale planned events and daily operations.
To gain access to WV’s WebEOC, you must be a member of a WV healthcare coalition. For membership, please contact your regional coordinator here. (the here should be a link to the regional coordinator page of contacts)
Users will communicate with other healthcare facilities across West Virginia to manage and collaborate as effectively as possible when emergencies arise.  
A complete training program for users will be available shortly after rollout of this new system.
Stay tuned for more information on WebEOC Coming Soon!
Samantha Stamper
Director, Emergency Preparedness
Lisa Green
Program Manager